Welcome to the online course development website for the Paediatric Nursing Course, University Teaching Hospital, Lusaka. This site will house key documents, links to relevant resources and notes from planning meetings, and will enable members of the course team and external colleagues to share ideas and comments on the course design and documentation.


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    PT Paediatrics, Iam impressed with UTH. Very soon, you will start training Bsc. Nurses. Continue introducing new programs! Keep it up!

  2. 1Sam says:

    What the Qualification for one to be picked?
    Is it for in service personnels only or what?

    • eric says:

      thank you very much for your enguiry on the paediatric nurse training in zambia, the first of its kind. the qualificcations sam are just the same as the other specialties we have in zambia, and that is 5 O levels and you must have worked for atleast two years. for now the training will be for inservice

  3. Mercy Kapembwa says:

    This is very good, will surely support you. If you need any assistance just ask.

  4. ericchisupa says:

    Newborn Care Learning Message #4

    Correct mask ventilation to achieve good chest movement is the most important step in neonatal resuscitation.

    Infants who do not breathe well after drying need urgent resuscitation. The most important step in basic resuscitation is to provide adequate ventilation. While many of these infants were intubated in the past, the modern approach is to provide skilled mask ventilation. This is method is promoted in the international “Helping Babies Breathe” project which is being widely implemented for basic newborn resuscitation in South Africa. 90% of all infants who do not breathe well at birth can be successfully resuscitated with mask ventilation alone.

    A correct fitting mask and neonatal ventilation bag, such as a Laerdal set, is essential. It is also important that all health care workers who manage infants at delivery learn the clinical skills of bag and mask ventilation. This is best done with a teacher in small groups using a resuscitation model. Make sure that the infant’s chest moves well.

    Some larger hospitals use a Neopuff to provide mask ventilation.

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  5. Betty Mwiinga Miyanda says:

    Good initiative, I like paediatric nursing will be readily available for the support you need

  6. eric says:

    Dear colleagues,

    Global Health Media Project is pleased to announce that their first ten videos on newborn care best practices are now available on their website (www.globalhealthmedia.org). The primary target audience for these films are frontline health workers in primary and district level facilities.

    The films are available free-of-charge for use in low-resource settings through their Creative Commons license. They are formatted for two download options: a mobile phone version (smaller file size with lower resolution) and a laptop/tablet version (medium size and resolution).

    The following topics are covered in the videos:

    Basic skills

    Setting up an IV line

    Newborn physical exam

    Inserting an IV

    Referring a sick baby

    Taking a heel blood sample

    Inserting a gastric tube

    Breathing problems

    Feeding with a gastric tube

    Umbilical infections

  7. Justina Kasonde Mkoma says:

    Eric. Son, this is what i call innovation. Count me in. Apparently iam falling in love with peads and welcome iinitiative. Keep me informed. Yo mum(juba)

    • ericchisupa says:

      Thanks mwebafyashi, you i was well brought up and taught by you….waiting for your contribution towards the curriculum which are welcome.

  8. Michelo Fray says:

    will definitely support such a gesture and hope to be part of the team.

  9. samuel says:

    This is a noble gesture to enable nurses acquire knowledge in paediatric nursing through your site.

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